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Thank you for visiting my gallery. I'm a full time father to three boys. Photography started as a way for me to document their lives. It has grown into a way for me to exercise my creativity and share my view of the world they will inherit.

I am grateful to have been able to try my hand at a wide range of photographic genres. I continue to develop my skills, and am adding new images to this gallery regularly. The Pacific Northwest offers up a tremendous variety of photographic opportunities, and I've only brushed the surface of what's out there. I'm also fortunate to have been able to travel to some amazing places and have shared some of my favorites here.

I'd be glad to hear what you think of my work. You can contact me at [email protected].

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Puyallup Fair at Night

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Created 4-Oct-09
Modified 4-Oct-09
Puyallup Fair at Night

Pacific Science Center Butterfly House

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Created 2-Sep-08
Modified 2-Sep-08

San Francisco

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8 photos
Created 13-Nov-12
Modified 13-Nov-12
San Francisco

All Photographs


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Created 13-Jun-09
Modified 13-Jun-09


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Created 12-Nov-10
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Nature & Animals

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Created 10-Sep-10
Modified 10-Sep-10
Nature & Animals


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Created 24-Sep-09
Modified 24-Sep-09

Urban Life

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Created 3-Jan-10
Modified 3-Jan-10
Urban Life

Still Life, B&W, & Experimental

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Created 27-Jan-13
Modified 27-Jan-13
Still Life, B&W, & Experimental

Travel & Landscapes

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Created 13-Nov-12
Modified 13-Nov-12
Travel & Landscapes

Performing Arts

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Created 4-Aug-08
Modified 4-Aug-08


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YMCA Baseball

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Modified 16-Jun-09
233 photos

365 Project

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2010 Baseball

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